In Part I of our three-part series on Social Media Tips & Tricks for Accounting Firms, we highlighted which social media sites offer the best opportunities for your accounting firm to communicate with its key audiences. In this post, we’ll share strategies to help your firm communicate most effectively within these mediums.

  1. Utilize a social media management tool (examples include HubSpot and Hootsuite) that allows you to post to multiple mediums through one account. A tool like this will save you time and assist you in reporting. Additionally, you’ll still have the ability to draft messages that are specific and appropriate to each medium (such as Twitter’s 140 character limit, and search-focused keywords on Google+). There are certainly efficiencies in being able to bulk schedule your posts through one streamlined program.
  1. Consider sharing content more than once, if it makes sense to do so. “Evergreen” blogs and topics can be scheduled out several times in the future, since the content will not expire. Job openings and company events are good examples of content that can and should be shared more than once, but likely within a smaller window leading up to a deadline (more on that in our next installment).
  1. Be consistent; pick a schedule that works for you, then stick with it.
  1. Don’t just speak – listen, too. If people interact with you on a particular social media site, make sure that you’re aware of their message, and be ready and able to respond. Reply to questions and comments. Try to save face with bad reviews and/or comments – respond and show that person and others that you’re on top of it and want to make it right – this shows a genuine commitment to customer/client service.
  1. Finally, your participation in social media sites doesn’t need to be limited to your own content, or your accounting firm’s content. If you read relevant industry publications (e.g., Accounting Today) and monitor association activities (e.g., AICPA), and you come across some information that you think might be helpful to your audience, by all means, share it through your social media channels. Likewise, if your clients, contacts or local government shares something that makes sense for your audience, or you want to congratulate them for something they’ve done, share that, too. Social media was made to encourage interaction and community, so do your part!

Don’t miss Part I of this blog series. In Part III of this series, we’ll dig a bit deeper on this topic to discuss best practices in sharing content that you develop. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning how social media can help take your accounting firm to the next level, contact the Strategic Marketing team at 440-449-6800, or download our free e-book, How to Find Prospects Using Social Media.
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