Delivering on the Promise of unrivaled expertise from experts throughout the world to meet all your accounting, financial and business advisory needs.

Skoda Minotti is proud to be an independent member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global). Founded in 1999, LEA Global is the second-largest international association in the world, encompassing 220 accounting, financial and business advisory firms that operate in 106 countries. For Skoda Minotti clients, this unique alliance delivers the ultimate in client service—no matter what your accounting, financial or business advisory needs may be, you’ll receive unparalleled access to the knowledge, skills and experience of 2,000 experts and nearly 23,000 staff members.

When we at Skoda Minotti engage our LEA Global partners to contribute their time and expertise on your behalf, you get a collaborative, fully engaged project team that is structured to add exceptional value in every facet of our service to you. Working collaboratively, the partner in the original engagement stays involved. That connection provides consistency and intimate client knowledge throughout your project team—a practice indicative of the value LEA Global places on the qualities of thought leadership, in-depth knowledge and proactive advisory services. 

Our LEA Global affiliation offers you a world of advantages as a Skoda Minotti client. We encourage you to learn more about LEA Global. Please contact us with any questions about ways in which LEA Global can help you and your business grow.  

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