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5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Business

Marketing can feel like a moving target, particularly when your efforts fan out in multiple directions. Staying focused and having a clearly defined approach will aid in achieving your end game of greater product, service and brand visibility, along with increased sales. To bring some new thinking to your marketing strategy, or to fine-tune what you have already set in motion, consider 5 marketing strategies that can help to boost your bottom line.

1. Host a Webinar…or a Seminar – If you can claim expertise in your channel of business, hosting a webinar offers the opportunity to reach a potentially vast audience and to deliver valuable, actionable information. Seminars can work in much the same way. While you may only be reaching a finite audience at first, the seminar could be recorded and posted on your website for downloading.

In either format, the only caveat is to present in a manner that doesn’t come across as a sales approach. Instead, you should focus on a question or issue that often arises when dealing with clients. When you host the event you’ll likely be addressing existing clients as well as potential clients. One of the common goals of hosting a webinar or seminar is to build trust with your audience by offering specialized insight. Again, the shelf life can extend well beyond the broadcast date; you can post it on your company website, promote and share it on social media, and utilize it over time as an ongoing resource.

2. Incentivize the Client – Incentives can act as a catalyst for capturing customer interest, which leads to action. Offering a reward associated with a purchase can be accomplished through several methods:

  • Referral Program: When a client refers new business to you, you can offer the existing client a discount, such as a certain percentage off a service you provide. This achieves two goals at once: it encourages your clients to return to you; and it also can generate new clients.
  • Online Contest: This method blends well with social media platforms. You motivate your online followers to like, comment or share/retweet your post for the return of being entered into a drawing. The winner earns a special discount or reward from your company.
  • Online Videos: Video is becoming increasingly popular among B2B and B2C marketers and can no longer be ignored. Consider:

1. Videos are more than 1,000 times more likely to be shared on social media when compared to any other type of content.

2. Utilizing videos can increase your organic traffic by more than 150 percent.

3. Over 50 percent of marketing professionals agree that they see more conversions from video marketing than any other type of content.

The traction found with videos is driven by consumer interest in learning more about products and services. The better job you do of engaging them through sight and sound, the greater your reach will be. Video tutorials also are useful, especially when they demonstrate how and why your services and/or products are so beneficial.

3. Cross-Promote Within Relevant Industries – Finding free ways to promote your business works best with professionals in businesses that relate to your own. This arrangement offers mutually beneficial returns by promoting each company’s products or services. The ideal circumstances involve businesses that attract a similar client base but are not direct competitors. For example, a roofing company could promote a service on a roofing systems supplier’s blog offering solutions that are potentially useful to that company’s customers. The efforts increase the chance to get your business in front of new eyes.

4. Guest Post on Established Websites Within Your Niche – Acting as an expert in your field opens the door for you to contribute some rich content to another site while obtaining free publicity for your business. After identifying appropriate websites, you can solicit the opportunity by composing a brief description of who you are and why you could create valuable content for their audience. Listing several suggestions for topics you could address that would conform to their online material would be beneficial as well. Most websites will grant you space to highlight your business in an author bio section. Plus, you can include your website and social media accounts. By establishing yourself as an expert, some users may start to follow you as well.

5. Sponsor an Event – Conduct a live seminar with experts in fields that complement your company’s services. For example, if you are in the health care industry, specialists could address pressing issues or new treatment options. Another approach to hosting an event is to create an industry award, such as “Most Innovative Health Care Providers.”

Reaching new customers is an ongoing challenge, and your marketing tactics need to stay fresh to keep up with audiences—particularly those that are migrating to new content channels and engaging with online content in new ways. By diversifying your strategy, you position yourself well to tap into new audiences. It just requires a little boldness, a few risks and some concerted, consistent effort.

Do you have questions about how to boost your business through innovative marketing strategies? Please contact Brandon Ferris at (440) 449-6800 or email Brandon.

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