Over the past few years, video has been at the forefront for most marketers. At every marketing conference I have attended, speakers are declaring that video is the future of marketing and communications. However so many marketers have yet to begin incorporating video into their everyday marketing strategy. In our daily lives, we are all watching more and more video. But as  marketers, the application of video has been incredibly slow. Why haven’t we figured it out?

I believe it comes down to a perception we haven’t been able to shake—that video is HARD! When most people think about video, they think about something that is only achievable by hiring a professional videographer. They think that all video must be highly produced, it isn’t measurable and, you guessed it, it’s too expensive. This may have been the case when internet video was first introduced, but with the advancement of video technology, it is no longer true. As marketers, we need to start changing our mindset and start looking at video marketing as a strategy rather than a tactic.

To help you get started, below are 5 types of videos you can start incorporating into your marketing strategy TODAY.

1. Team Introduction/Customer Welcome

Create strong connections with your customers by sending them a friendly video introducing yourself and any team member that will be in contact with them. Doing so helps your customer put faces to the names of those people with whom they may not have yet interacted. In the following video, a Vidyard account manager introduces another member of the account team.

2. Product/Service Overview

Video can be a great way to both communicate and demonstrate your product or service offering. In this short animated video from Ethical Bean, the viewer is taken on a journey of how their coffee beans make their way from the farm they were grown on, to your front door. They also use the video to communicate how they are different than other coffee sellers, as well as their ongoing commitment to the farmers who produce their coffee beans.

3. Help Your Customers/Clients Solve a Problem

Do your customers or clients ever email you and ask specifically how to do something? Instead of responding with a lengthy email, why not record yourself explaining the solution to their problem? Or if it’s something that can be demonstrated by a screencast, walk them through the solution using a tool such as Vidyard’s GoVideo or Screencast-O-Matic. You’ll sound way more human and it’ll most likely take you LESS time to verbally explain the solution as opposed to typing up a comprehensive response that your customer/client has to read through. Who has time for that?

4. Say Thank You

Saying “thank you” can go a long way, and it can even make for compelling video content. In this simple video, Warby Parker provides a personalized customer experience that makes the customer feel special, and shows the appreciation the company has for its customers. Filming short thank you videos can foster customer loyalty and build brand awareness.

5. In Place of a Blog Post

Have a great blog topic in mind? Why not use video to communicate your message instead? In the video below from Roberts Roofing, a commercial roofing company, they take a simple article topic – Four Warning Signs of Commercial Roof Damage – and turn it into an animated whiteboard video.

Most people think of videos as a way to engage new prospects; however, as shown in a few of the examples above, video can also be a strong tool that can be used to build and nurture existing customer relationships.

If you want to learn more how to start incorporating video into your marketing strategy, contact me at 440.449.6800 or email me.

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