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Featured Job Opportunity: Talent Advisor

Mayfield Village, Ohio

We are currently searching for a Talent Management Specialist to join our HR team.

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of this role is to deliver on the promise of providing opportunities, advice and guidance to help each Skoda Minotti staff member reach their full potential. Our Talent Management Specialists are the liaisons between the business and its talent. They are also the link between all staff within the Firm as they begin their relationship with a staff member at hire and continue that relationship throughout their career at Skoda Minotti and beyond. Our Talent Management Specialists are critical in succession planning, coaching, performance reviews and career advancement. They also partner with leadership mentors in the Firm to aid staff in developing their client relationship management and business development strategies. Additionally, our Talent Management Specialists work collaboratively with our HR services line of business to standardize best practices which deliver on the promise of helping our clients reach their full potential. This position is extremely important in developing our talent and retaining top performers in our organization.

Essential Functions

  • Create business value by applying knowledge of how business strategy affects talent needs and development of top performers
  • Motivates and engages employees to gain accelerated results and achieve their highest potential
  • Identifies market trends that affect our staff and seeks to provide relevant development opportunities
  • Fosters an environment for open, candid dialogue dedicated to enhancing employee’s personal skill development
  • Provides career advice and acts as trusted advisor for our employees
  • Collaborates with employees to develop their career goals
  • Facilitates talent development conversations with employees on an ongoing basis
  • Meets regularly with staff leaders to ensure the employees receive adequate and frequent performance feedback
  • Responsible for partnering with staff leaders to write performance reviews and evaluate employees during the performance review process
  • Leads the charge in advocating for our employees and partnering with staff leaders to determine the next steps in career progression and promotional recommendations for staff
  • Collects and enters all information regarding performance feedback from other firm leaders into talent management software
  • Participates in annual talent succession planning meetings to gather feedback on strengths and developmental needs of each employee

Education, Experience, and Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources or Business Management preferred
  • At least 3 years of working experience in recruiting, coaching, developing, or advising others
  • Extremely passionate about helping others achieve success
  • Exhibits strong leadership behaviors and acts as a role model for others
  • Strong organizational, time management skills and able to handle multiple tasks
  • Well-developed interpersonal, communication, and assertiveness skills
  • Solution-oriented and creative with the ability to influence others in a positive way
  • Ability to motivate others, is a self-starter and goal driven
  • Ability to get along well with diverse personalities and deal with conflict effectively
  • Has the drive to learn, be flexible and adapt quickly
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism

Additional Responsibilities

  • Meet physical demands of the position including the ability to lift and handle up to 30 pounds of materials, bend, stoop and stretch as required for placement and retrieval of materials or equipment on shelving
  • Meet expectations for attendance and punctuality
  • Must be able to work overtime as required

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