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Happy Employees = Steadfast (and Cheap) Brand Ambassadors

How many news stories have started with, “in these economic times” over the past several months?  Too many to count, in all likelihood – here’s another one: In these economic times, companies need to be more creative with how they communicate their marketing message to their target audience. 


One inexpensive way to ensure positive things are being said about your company is by keeping your employees happy. While they may not spend their Saturdays sharing the virtues of your company like this Hewlett Packard employee did, they will be more likely to promote your brand throughout every day interaction with clients, business contacts and even family and friends.


Although a client or business contact may come in contact with your brand in a number of ways – website, e-newsletter, voice mail message, email signature, advertisements, promotional items, etc. – the most powerful brand ambassadors you have are your employees.  Keep them happy and you will have a marketing tactic that everyone can appreciate…in these economic times.


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