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Keep it Simple and Keep Everyone Happy

Have you ever finished reading a new product press re but by the end of the article still had no idea what the item did or why it was important? The most likely culprit? Jargon. We become so familiar with our jargon at work that, often times, we forget that not everyone uses TPS reports.

Dropping jargon into casual conversation with those outside your company might not cause too many problems, but jargon can be dangerous to a public relations campaign. A recently released survey of 1,214 American homeowners and investors suggested that 84 percent of consumers are more likely to trust a company that communicates in language that isn’t laced with jargon. 


What does this mean when you are marketing your business? It means that for next public relations campaign announcing your latest gadget, you should probably cut back on the technical details about the flux capacitor and give people a clearer idea of the benefits of the product. Especially if it’s capable of time travel.

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