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Marketing in a Down Economy

Before I get to our first marketing blog entry, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Jonathan Ebenstein and I’ll be your author for the next ten or so paragraphs. I invite you to sit back, relax and open your mind.


If you’ve sifted at all through our Firm’s web site, you’d know that we are a CPA, Business and Financial Advisory firm.  We help our clients, mostly companies, grow their business through a myriad of professional services (i.e., Tax, Accounting & Auditing, IT, Financial Services, Litigation Advisory Services, Financial Staffing, etc.) Notice how well we just seamlessly cross sold our services.  Good stuff.  Keep reading.


What do I do?  Well up until January 31, 2009, I was in charge of the marketing department here at Skoda Minotti.  I’m the guy who with the help of my staff, re-branded the firm, wrote the marketing plan, handled all the public relations, negotiated, purchased and coordinated all the media, designed and wrote all the copy for our sales materials, website, advertising, blogs, e-newsletters, e-blasts and handled all the firm’s internal communications efforts. 


When we were done, as if you can ever be done marketing…BTW you can’t.  We looked around and thought, “Not too shabby. I bet we can help other companies do the same thing.”  And you know what? We can.  And we are going to.


On Feb 1, 2009 Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing Services was launched (cue Chariots of Fire sound track).Wait a minute.  Hold on.  You’re going to launch a marketing service group during this economy?  Yep.  And here’s why.


Down economies are actually the best time to ramp up your marketing efforts. It’s true. Recessions actually create unique marketing opportunities for companies that, if leveraged properly, can render your marketing efforts even more successful. Here’s why:


·          Since most people slash their budgets and pull back their marketing efforts during an economic slow down, there’s less “clutter” to compete against.

·          With less marketing messages for your target audience to sift through, the easier it is for them to see your message… and only your message.

·          Supply and demand.  With less demand for space and air time, media outlets will be more willing to make deals, such as decreased rates, increased placements, better placements and even category exclusivity.

·          Strengthen your brand.  Marketing during a down economy tells your customers and prospects that your company is confident in its staying power.


Then, when the economy pendulum swings back up, the companies, hopefully yours, that proactively marketed themselves during the downturn will have put themselves in a position to seize market share, reach new customers, and strengthen brand loyalties while their competitors are busy playing catch-up.


Looking for a Cleveland creative strategic services consultant? Contact one of our professionals by leaving a comment below, or by calling 440-449-6800.

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