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Scare Me! Please!

As of today, over 913,000 people have demanded that Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures show “Paranormal Activity” at theaters nationwide.  The film that’s being dubbed the next “Blair Witch Project” originally opened in select theaters with promoters telling us to go online and request that the film be released nationwide or, at a minimum, be shown at a theater near us (Quick sidebar for scary movie lovers in Cleveland, this film is now showing in our area).

What does this tell us? Aside from the fact that our country loves scary movies? It tells us just how powerful social media is.  Although the movie was just released two weeks ago, it has already amassed quite a following:

  • Facebook: The film’s fan page has 48,684 fans (& counting). These are active fans, too – thousands have liked items and posted comments and 27 have even uploaded videos 
  • Twitter: @TweetYourScream has nearly 4,800 followers and “Paranormal Activity” is currently one of the top Trending Topics
  • YouTube: Over 300 videos about paranormal activity have been uploaded in the past week alone 

While your company’s presence on social media sites may not result in this exact same type of nationwide buzz, the effect of engaged consumers (or wannabe consumers in this case) is clear.  

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