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Targeting Your Message Through Social Media

Remember when social media in itself was the trend to watch? Now it seems as if it has always been around. It continues to be fascinating to watch what will happen next. Here are some key LinkedIn and Facebook trends to watch for.

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Video: The Future of Content

Video continues to be front and center when it comes to engaging website visitors, and we expect it to gain even more traction this year. So, how and where do you incorporate video into your buyer’s journey?

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Lead Generation Tips for Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer who wants to generate more leads in 2018, we believe it’s wise to first ensure your basic marketing building blocks are in place and functioning as they should.

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SEO Update – Does Your SEO Strategy Conform to Google’s Evolving Ranking Algorithm?

With Google constantly updating its algorithms, it’s important for your business to monitor the search factors that play a major role in the makeup of search engine results pages. After all, where you rank on them often means the difference between making a sale and getting lost in the shuffle.

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New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features Bring Marketing and Sales Together

Earlier this month, LinkedIn implemented updates to its Sales Navigator tool. These updates were made in an effort to enable sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively. As a result, we’re happy to report that Sales Navigator is now more powerful than ever.

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Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing Named HubSpot Gold Partner

Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing has been named a Gold Partner with HubSpot under its Agency Partner Program, which recognizes select marketing agencies for executing inbound marketing to the highest industry standards and deploying it successfully on behalf of growing client bases.

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7 Smart Ways to Use a Content Calendar

As most business marketers know, content has made its way to the forefront of digital marketing in terms of search engine optimization ranking and driving traffic to your website. However, pushing out a high volume of content without an underlying strategy is a waste of time and money.

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