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Premium Content and the PDF: Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

As mobile internet usage begins to surpass desktop usage, it’s important that we begin to take a mobile-first approach and with that, continue to tweak the way we deliver premium content in order to provide the best customer/client experience possible.

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New LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features Bring Marketing and Sales Together

Earlier this month, LinkedIn implemented updates to its Sales Navigator tool. These updates were made in an effort to enable sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively. As a result, we’re happy to report that Sales Navigator is now more powerful than ever.

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Over the past few years, Google has increased the weight of mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal, but what’s the difference between responsive and mobile-friendly sites?

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Google’s Much-Anticipated Mobile-First Index – When is it Coming, and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Google’s much-anticipated mobile-first index will be a very big deal for businesses and individuals when it ultimately launches, causing many to make major changes to their digital platforms. So what does this mean for your business?

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How Will Google AMP Affect Your Business?

You may have noticed by now that when you search for something through Google on your phone, it pops up with a series of headlines (sometimes boxes) labeled with a lightning bolt icon and the acronym AMP at the bottom. No, this is not an ad for a popular energy drink, though it could help give a boost to your search engine traffic if you try it out.

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Website Needs Checklist

How much should you pay for a website? Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing provides a checklist to help you evaluate your website needs.

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Cybersecurity for Life Science Companies

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives today. Here are five things you should know about cybersecurity to protect your life science business.

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What Google’s Latest Update Means for Your Website

Google has implemented a significant change to its Web search algorithm that has subsequently favored and rewarded companies whose websites are mobile-friendly. This change means that if your website was not optimized for mobile devices after April 21, 2015, your site’s Google ranking would likely have been negatively impacted.

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Q&A: The Impact of Google’s New Algorithms on Your Website

Over the course of any given year, Google will make 500–600 changes to its web search algorithm. While most of these changes are minor, Google will occasionally make a “major” algorithmic change that will affect search results in a significant way. On April 21, 2015 Google will be implementing one of these significant changes, and […]

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