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Tax Refund Opportunity — Ohio Business Income Deduction Extended to Payments Made to Pass-Through Owners Through a PEO

If you are a business owner and your compensation was paid through a professional employer organization (PEO), you may be entitled to a tax refund.

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Does Your Business Need a Buy-Sell Agreement?

When you’re mired deep in the day-to-day challenges of the management of your business, it’s often hard to step out of the trees and take a good hard look at the forest. But at various points in the business cycle, it’s important to do just that.

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An Explanation of Discounts for Lack of Control and Marketability

Before a final conclusion of value can be rendered, the nature of the ownership interest being valued must be considered. The value of an ownership interest is influenced by many of its characteristics, including marketability and control, which can have a meaningful impact on the concluded value of an ownership interest.

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What To Consider When Divorcing Parties Have Ownership Interests in Privately-Held Companies

It is important that family law attorneys develop a plan for addressing valuation issues early in the engagement so that the guesswork related to business value is minimized and client expectations are appropriately managed.

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Estate and Gift Tax Planning Alert—Valuation Discounts in Family Transfers May Be Disappearing

Proposed changes could hinder your ability to take valuation discounts when transferring ownership interests in privately held businesses to family members

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Drafting Considerations for Attorneys Blog Series – Valuation Structures in Buy-Sell Agreements

The fields of law, accounting and valuation are only continuing to become more complex. Given the overlap in these areas of specialty, it is increasingly important for attorneys to have an understanding of the accounting, tax and valuation effects of the legal agreements they draft. Armed with this knowledge, lawyers can produce the intended outcome for their clients and minimize unintentional consequences and compliance burdens.

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