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De-Risk Your Business to Protect Its Current Value

What steps can you take to de-risk your business? After all, the more risk that your business bears, the less someone will be willing to pay for it.

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How to Incorporate Projection Risk Into a Business Valuation

How many of us have had a perfectly planned vacation turn into something completely unexpected? Imagine having everything packed, a full tank of gas in the car and restaurants already chosen. You get into the car and drive a few hours down the road only to hit unfavorable weather conditions, a car accident and road closures. You haven’t even made it to your final destination point – who knows what may happen once you arrive!

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Infographic: The Facts about Data Breaches

Penetration testing is a critical component to an organization’s IT risk management program; it is used to identify significant issues that could lead to financial losses, disclosure of confidential data and reputational harm. The infographic below details the overwhelming risks and costs that malicious acts caused in 2014 alone.     Skoda Minotti’s Vulnerability Assessment and […]

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing FAQs

Understanding the importance and benefits of security tests, the testing process and expectations of the process are key in managing organizational risk and internal control. To help explain these factors, we’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from potential clients.

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