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7 Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan that Drives ROI

Far too often, the time and effort invested in a marketing planning is either abandoned to fulfill last-minute requests or wasted by resorting to tried-and-true tactics. The case for a marketing plan is strong, so here, we offer 7 tips to help you and your team build a successful marketing plan for your organization.

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6 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

I’m sure we all have that kid (or kids) in our life that make you rethink your “big picture” and how it appears so trivial to them. As I watch my kids I can’t help but draw parallels between them and my other favorite pastime—marketing. There are six marketing lessons that I believe we can learn from kids.

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Cybersecurity Risks in Smart Manufacturing Calls for Strategic Approach

Owners of industrial and manufacturing companies often do not see their operations as a potential target for cybercriminals. They should.

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What is Your Fraud Risk?

Poor internal controls provide employees the opportunity to steal at the expense of your business. How much are you willing to lose as a result of an embezzlement?

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Could Podcasting Be a Welcome Addition to Your Marketing Mix?

Developing a marketing strategy can be a daunting task that begins with first understanding how your business fits into the marketplace. If part of your strategy hasn’t yet included podcasts, you may be missing out on a promotional vehicle that can potentially enhance your overall marketing mix.

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New for 2018 – An Uptick in SEO Investment

Whether you manage SEO in-house or work with a reputable marketing agency, you’ll need to continuously monitor search algorithms—if you don’t, you may find your business experiencing a sharp decrease in web traffic.

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Business Growth Planning – Shifting Into Action Mode

Planning is an extremely useful component of growing your business, as it aligns the organization, focuses limited resources and establishes clear and measurable outcomes for the year. It also establishes action steps, responsibilities and timing for expanding the business. But value is only realized through the shift to action.

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The 4 Secrets to New Hire Orientation #2 – Best Practices

What best practices ensure a winning new hire orientation program?

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M&A Financing Do’s and Don’ts

The road to victory in the acquisition game is not always a smooth one. Along the way, you’ll hit bumps, slick patches, possibly some potholes—and there are lots of opportunities to detour down alternate paths that may or may not prove wise.

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M&A Markets – Understanding Current Conditions, Identifying Opportunities

If there’s one constant in M&A, it’s change. Businesses change. Markets fluctuate. Regulations are enacted. Political landscapes shift. And technology marches ever onward. The better a business performs based on any number of key metrics, the better its multiple is in the eyes of the market.

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