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Think your IT Environment is Secure? Think again.

IT security teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes are encountering an alarming increase in the number of attacks and threats impacting their security systems on a daily basis. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the sophisticated techniques attackers are developing to breach well-known and trusted software and hardware to ultimately gain access to your critical data.

data securityWhat to Watch For

Are your security and monitoring systems and devices properly configured, or are there gaps that leave your company vulnerable? With new vulnerabilities being released daily and automated bot nets actively searching for these issues, organizations must take a more dynamic and proactive approach to cybersecurity. It is critical for IT security teams to identify and defend against the latest threats before they are successfully exploited.

Example: An unfriendly GHOST

Organizations utilizing Linux were in for a real shock in January due to a recently discovered vulnerability GNU C Library, known as glibc for short. Without glibc, a Linux system couldn’t function. Attackers were able to remotely take control of systems without having any prior knowledge of system credentials. Millions of servers on the Internet run Linux, and applications such as the popular WordPress Content Management System can be leveraged to trigger and exploit this vulnerability. Only those able to respond swiftly and immediately download security patches (updates) were able to avoid real danger.


If reading about GHOST makes you uneasy, there are thousands of other vulnerabilities lying in wait, with new ones propagating daily. However, there are immediate steps that can be taken now to protect your infrastructure and reduce overall risk throughout your environment. Existing infrastructure and system management processes can always be improved. As you think about your company’s IT environment, ask yourself:

  • Is there a faster way to identify and deploy security fixes?
  • Are there unnecessary or unused services that can be shut down to reduce the attack surface, minimizing the opportunity for attacks?
  • Are there settings or functions in currently used software that can be adjusted to enhance security?
  • Are you subscribed to security advisory alerts?
  • Are software updates configured to automatically download and install the latest versions as released?

Skoda Minotti’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services evaluate your network and web applications to test whether vulnerabilities exist in your environment and what to do to mitigate them. Our streamlined processes and certified ethical hackers leverage testing routines designed to detect vulnerabilities that were previously unknown to the entity with sufficient detail to allow for proper and timely remediation.

For more information on our Penetration Testing Services, click here or contact Skoda Minotti’s Risk Advisory Services Group at 888-201-4484 or jhornreich@skodaminotti.com.

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