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How Will Google AMP Affect Your Business?

You may have noticed by now that when you search for something through Google on your phone, it pops up with a series of headlines (sometimes boxes) labeled with a lightning bolt icon and the acronym AMP at the bottom. No, this is not an ad for a popular energy drink, though it could help give a boost to your search engine traffic if you try it out.

According to Google, more searches now happen on mobile devices than desktop, and that gap is widening every day. So it wasn’t surprising when Google announced mobile friendliness as an important part of its search ranking algorithm in early 2015.

google ampTo help improve the mobile experience for their users even more, they have created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a way for developers to build pages that will load content faster on mobile devices. By installing the AMP code framework, your content can be delivered quicker on mobile devices, creating a better user experience.

So why should your company care about AMP?

Try these statistics on for size:

  • AMP pages are 4x faster and use 10x less data than non-AMP pages
  • The average AMP page loads in less than one second
  • 90 percent of AMP publishers experience higher clickthrough rates
  • 80 percent of AMP publishers experience higher ad viewability rates

It is also being reported that AMP will be a ranking signal for Google search engine results pages (SERPs) in the near future.

As you are exploring whether AMP makes sense for your content, here are some other factors to consider.

Improved search ranking

Even though AMP’s search ranking effects are only seen on the mobile front right now, the number of mobile searches is only going up. And as we discussed earlier, mobile search volume is already outnumbering desktop searches.

AMP results are now showing at the top of mobile search results, and it’s only a matter of time before Google officially makes it a part of its mobile search algorithm.

Faster page speed

Page speed is more important to the mobile experience than ever before. Google is treating it as such, as it will have a quantifiable effect on search rankings.

AMP pages can even speed up the load times of responsive design sites. Many of them are built to load to varying-sized screens, but carry unnecessary code in order to do just that, which slows the page load speed. The AMP format creates a mobile-optimized version that automatically strips out the unnecessary elements like the menu bar, footer and pop-ups, to speed up the load time.

Higher conversion rates

That same fast page speed has a direct correlation with conversion rates. Any delays on a site’s load speed can cause a visitor to find the information, or product, they need elsewhere. So AMP’s fast page speed could have a measurable effect on your site’s conversion rate, and help retain customers through the buying cycle.

Better ad integration

Viewing rates of AMP ads have been significantly higher across more than 80 percent of publishers thus far. Clickthrough rates have been higher for more than 90 publishers with AMP-optimized ads. Again, showing the effect that AMP pages can have to your bottom line.

The only drawbacks I have seen so far are from sites that have a lot of large imagery and video content, as you are limited in that area in order to increase page load speed. It’s also important to note that custom site styling may be stripped in the AMP code to increase page load speed.

There are still ways to make sure you have the appropriate content for visitors on your page, though you may need to tweak the organization of your pages. That is why I would recommend starting with your company blog first, before implanting the AMP framework sitewide.

To discuss the AMP platform in more detail, or to start getting it setup on your site, contact Matt Seitz at 440-605-7106.

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