Your Path Begins Here

At Skoda Minotti, we encourage and inspire our young staff members to "hit the ground running." That means you’ll have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with clients in varied industries.

For those in the accounting and tax profession, our young employees are exposed to both tax and audit work – we believe that gaining exposure to "both sides" ultimately helps young staff members determine the direction in which they wish to take their accounting careers.

We are committed to training and developing our employees on a personal and professional basis. In addition to providing CPA exam assistance, we are committed to furthering your professional development by offering a multitude of continuing professional education opportunities both inside and outside of the firm. In addition to technical training, we offer programs to help strengthen and refine skills such as communication and professional writing, leadership and client service.

We take a one-on-one approach to our employees’ professional development. Each employee is given a personal mentoring team which meets with you on a regular basis. This team will help ease your transition into the firm, assist in developing your professional goals, and provide professional, one-on-one guidance throughout your career. Each employee also creates a customized Personal Development Plan to outline strategic development efforts. We work one-on-one with you to tailor this plan to help achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Both inside and outside of the office, we organize a number of activities for our employees to enjoy, including:

  • Mid-tax season stress-buster
  • After-tax season party
  • Golf outing
  • Weekly summer cookouts
  • Family picnic
  • Holiday party
  • Firm-sponsored sports teams (basketball, softball, kickball, etc.)
  • Wellness program

Our Clients

At Skoda Minotti, you’ll work with clients in various industries ranging from closely held businesses to public companies, from individuals and partnerships to corporations, trusts and estates. Our clients are headquartered both locally and throughout the country.

Our Business Contacts

Over the years, our professionals have developed close relationships with many members of the Northeast Ohio business community. Through firm-hosted mixers and a variety of networking events, you’ll be given the opportunity to build and maintain your own network of business contacts that you can rely on for years to come.   

Our Community

Keeping our community strong has always been a top priority at Skoda Minotti. As a firm, we participate in a variety of community service ventures including Business Volunteers Unlimited’s Done-in-a-Day program and the Adopt-a-Route program for Meals on Wheels. Our employees also have taken tremendous initiative to get involved, holding numerous nonprofit board positions within the community. 

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