Skoda Minotti Delivers on the Promise of industry expertise that can help you take your business to the next level.

Skoda Minotti's CPAs, business and financial advisors can provide a wide range of services to the unique life sciences industry. Our client experience includes working with both private and public companies from startup to well-established. We understand the challenges your company may be facing with finding adequate capital investments or funding opportunities, dealing with increasing regulatory compliance requirements, satisfying investor demands or taking your product(s) to market.  

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues and help you resolve them through one of our many service offerings:

Assurance Services

Consulting Services

Tax Services

Our group is also a proud and active member of BioOhio and we are able to stay up to date on the latest industry news through published content, contributing articles, networking and attending conferences.

Life Science Industry Reports

As an added value to our clients and contacts, we provide quarterly industry reports in over 300 industries, including the biotechnology sector. To sign up for one or more of these free industry reports, please click here.

For a no-risk analysis of your life science business, please click here. One of our professionals will be in touch.

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