Skoda Minotti's Nonprofit Industry Group Delivers on the Promise of expert accounting and business advisory services for nonprofit organizations and institutions.

Skoda Minotti has deep experience providing accounting and business advisory services to nonprofit organizations and institutions of all sizes and scopes.

Our nonprofit accounting and business advisory services include:

  • A-128 and A-133 financial statement audits
  • Assistance with and review of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  (CAFR)
  • Strategic planning and organizational development
  • Structuring of complex multi-entity organizations
  • Budget preparation and training of client staff in preparing budgets
  • Computer installation and design of custom systems
  • Development of accounting and compliance manuals
  • Program, contract and financial compliance reviews and reporting to federal, state
    and city funding sources
  • Compliance reviews of fundraising reporting and allocation procedures
  • Preparation of exemption applications and change in status requests
  • Charities’ registration and related forms
  • Advice on lobbying, political activity, gift acknowledgements and other
    complex IRS rules for nonprofits
  • Timely updates on issues affecting nonprofit organizations
  • Mock tax audits and other tax compliance reviews
  • Tailored workshops and presentations
  • A-133 compliance audits
  • Outsourced financial services
  • Cost allocation plans
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Grant audits
  • Grant close-out audits
  • Form 990 preparation
  • SOX testing

A Commitment to Community Service and Leadership

In addition to our significant experience working with nonprofit clients, our professional staff is engaged in a variety of community, professional and academic activities that facilitate our continuing development. Our professionals are involved with numerous nonprofit boards throughout the community. Our firm is a multiple-year winner of Smart Business Cleveland’s Pillar Award for Community Service.

Nonprofit Industry Reports

As an added value to our clients and contacts, we provide quarterly industry reports in over 300 industries, including the following nonprofit sectors. Click here to see a sample report.

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