Our financial experts Deliver on the Promise of helping your company provide compensation and benefit packages for your employees that are cost effective, market-driven and relevant to your company.

For many employers, payroll and related expenses (such as benefit programs) are the largest recurring expense on their income statement.  In addition, turnover is a major issue for employers. One of the primary reasons an employee seeks new work is to receive a pay increase. Yet, many employers allow momentum (‘let’s do what we did last year’) to manage their compensation programs.

Our compensation and benefits consulting practice can help employers determine a fair and competitive wage package while designing incentive programs that can not only attract top talent, but also retain employees. 

Our approach to assisting a client with compensation program design issues is based on the following principles:

  • To understand the company’s issues. This includes where the company is in its life cycle, the issues the company may be facing and the obstacles that could arise
  • To craft a relevant, viable solution. Some programs may not be appropriate, even though they are used by competitors
  • To ensure the solution is cost-effective. The solution must be within budget and with consideration to the company’s fiscal position
  • To be transparent to the client. The client must fully understand the financial statement, cash flow and tax implications of the program
  • To be with the client every step of the way. Our job is complete when the program is implemented — not merely when it is designed

Our compensation consulting services include:

  • Board of Director assistance
  • Broad-based compensation programs
  • Change of control programs
  • Equity program design and implementation
  • Executive compensation program design and analysis
  • Market pricing
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation programs
  • Publicly traded company executive compensation disclosure
  • Short and long term incentive program design

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