Business Valuation: As one of the first steps in the value acceleration/exit planning process, obtaining a business valuation gives business owners clarity about what their business is worth from an outsider’s perspective.

Financial Planning: The business valuation must be linked to a sound financial plan that will drive the rest of the exit plan. Our advisors will build a no-cost plan that analyzes your retirement expenditures and calculates a probability factor of running out of money.

Estate Planning: An improperly planned estate can result in significant tax consequences or even frozen assets. We can help you utilize your estate plan to create, leverage, and protect your wealth. Well thought-out estate plans can help business owners meet their exit plans through:

  • Leveraging gifting by proper use of discounts
  • Trust planning to address non-tax needs
  • Minimize transfer tax burden
  • Proper preparation of a will

Pre-Sale Due Diligence: Due diligence is not just for your potential purchaser. We can review your books to ensure they are in order before a potential buyer reviews them. If we spot a problem, we’ll work with you to resolve it well in advance of the sale. The benefits of completing pre-sale due diligence include:

  • CPA’s can identify risk areas within the company early
  • Business owners can pull together necessary documents well in advance
  • Business owners can mitigate identified risks, which will increase their return on investment (ROI) when they sell their company.
  • Buyers are willing to pay premiums for low-risk companies.

Tax Structuring: Tax minimization is a central goal in each exit plan. You need a well thought-out structure to help minimize taxes. Our tax experts will review your current structure and provide opportunities to minimize taxes based on your exit plan strategy.

Insurance: You may have life insurance, but is the policy appropriate for your needs? We’ll help answer these questions as we walk you through the various forms of insurance:

  • Life
  • Disability
  • Income replacement
  • Estate tax liquidity
  • Key person
  • Buy-sell funding

Wealth Management: Similar to our exit plan, our wealth advisors design client-specific financial plans for business owners to meet their long-term financial objectives around retirement, philanthropy and generational needs. The planning and investment process are continually monitored, keeping business owners apprised of the progress towards each financial goal.

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