The exit planning process requires collaboration between the business owner(s) and multiple advisors in various disciplines including:
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Business Valuation Specialist
  • Estate Planner
  • Financial Advisor
  • Insurance Services
  • Legal

Skoda Minotti offers all of these services in-house, other than legal which we have established partnerships with law firms that have an expertise in the exit planning process. This competitive advantage allows us to streamline the entire exit planning process, resulting in improved readiness and greater efficiencies. Our exit planning work is not completed once the sale is complete. We’ll provide wealth management and ongoing financial planning to help once the transaction is complete.

We understand what it takes to build an extraordinary team of advisors to guide businesses to success. We can integrate our approach and work with business owner’s advisors (already in place) to build a succession plan for them.  We recognize the benefits of working together as an advisory team to develop an appropriate succession plan that meets the business owner’s needs. 

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