Workplace conflicts can have many origins—from confusion over roles and responsibilities and questions about team or company tasks and visions to generational differences and more.

Our conflict resolution training emanates from the world’s most renowned team training toolkits. From the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®) tool to The Birkman Method®, all training we offer is geared toward developing the skill of self-awareness, and using that collaboratively to make your organization healthier and more resilient. Together with one of our learning specialists, you and your team will learn about your own response to conflict and the natural responses of others.

It’s all about you. There are five natural styles for dealing with conflict. We’ll go over all of them and how they apply to your team. Then we’ll discover how each person can choose the best style to promote success based on the person and situation.

Specific programs include:
  • Discovering your conflict style using Birkman
  • Discovering your conflict style using the Thomas Kilmann model
  • Emotional Intelligence and conflict in the workplace
  • Generational difference and conflict in the workplace

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