Our Transaction Advisory Services Group Delivers on the Promise of helping you achieve your financial objectives, while minimizing tax liabilities throughout the process of a sale, merger or acquisition.

Our transaction advisory services team

Skoda Minotti's Transaction Advisory Services Group is comprised of uniquely qualified, highly credentialed and dedicated professionals. Our team includes:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA)
  • Chartered Merger and Acquisition Professional (CMAP)
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA)
  • Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisors (CM&AA)
  • Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

Together, they have facilitated transactions for decades to help clients create a seamless transition throughout the buying and selling process.

Benefits we provide our clients include:

  • Financial, tax, information technology and operational diligence, with emphasis placed on issues affecting your business, in light of the current environment
  • Partnering with resources within our global network to ensure our clients have access to local relationships wherever you expand to
  • Deal structuring with a focus on minimizing your tax burden as either a buyer or seller
  • Assistance in setting up and facilitating a virtual data room for your transactions that will allow assigned parties to access deal information in a real-time environment
  • Using our teaming relationships to provide introductions to investment banking firms or various funding sources

Acquisition consulting

Clients ready to grow their business through acquisition will benefit from the guidance of our team and their expertise in screening qualified acquisition candidates, comparing them to others in their industry, determining tax ramifications and closing the transaction.

Acquisition consulting services

  • Establishing and implementing strategies for acquisitions
  • Identifying and evaluating acquisition candidates
  • Performing financial, tax, information technology and operational diligence
  • Performing acquisition planning and negotiation support
  • Raising capital and obtaining financing
  • Performing comprehensive financial analysis and projections
  • Assisting in post-transaction calculations, working capital adjustments and earn outs

Divestiture consulting

To complete a successful sale of all or part of your company, you must clearly define your objectives, determine the relationships among divisions and subsidiaries, and analyze the dynamics of the marketplace.

Our team has years of divesture experience executing all phases of the process including planning, structuring, locating purchasers, and negotiating and closing transactions. This experience allows us to maximize your sale price while reducing your risk and meeting your objectives.

Multi-variant divestiture consulting services include:

  • Developing strategy and valuation procedures
  • Determining the fair market value of the business being sold
  • Identifying and qualifying potential buyers
  • Preparing company private placement memorandums and negotiating with prospective buyers
  • Designing the optimal tax structure
  • Completing the sales transaction and closing the deal
  • Assisting with carve-out transactions

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