Delivering on the Promise of helping your non-for-profit organization meet its goals and objectives with effective tax planning strategies.

The variety of compliance issues facing not-for-profit organizations today is growing at an astounding rate. Not only is the federal government stepping up its scrutiny, but states and other governmental entities are becoming more involved. That is why it is so important for associations, foundations, charities, hospitals, schools and other 501(c) entities to seek out professionals with extensive experience in not-for-profit tax issues.

Skoda Minotti's not-for-profit tax consulting professionals serve a wide variety of tax-exempt organizations nation-wide. Our professionals are dedicated to providing guidance and planning ideas that can help organizations maintain exempt status, minimize taxes and comply with the labyrinth of applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Not-for-Profit Accounting Technical Expertise

Skoda Minotti offers the security that comes from knowing your tax returns and compliance documents have been prepared and reviewed by professionals with extensive technical knowledge and broad experience in the tax-exempt sector.

The members of our designated not-for-profit group stay current on industry trends and guidance. Our employees attend trainings throughout the year on a host of not-for-profit topics.

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