Going beyond simply preparing a tax return once a year, our CPAs Deliver on the Promise of working with you throughout the year to plan to save you tax dollars and keep you in compliance with governmental regulations and filings.

Our personal tax planning and preparation group focuses on year-round planning that will help you see the “big picture.” By considering your financial situation both now and in the future, we help you make the right tax choices. We work with you to develop a plan that uses creative solutions to meet your objectives. At the same time, you are minimizing your tax liability and ensuring federal, state and local compliance.

The tax system is becoming increasingly complex and is constantly changing due to new legislation, regulations and case law. Compliance requires a team of dedicated tax professionals with a broad range of experience.

After devising a plan, our personal tax professionals can assist with the implementation and maintenance of your tax strategies to ensure that your plan functions as intended.

Our personal tax services include:

  • Tax planning
  • Alternative minimum tax planning
  • Return preparation and review for Federal and all states

No-Risk Personal Tax Analysis

If you are concerned whether you are receiving the most accurate and insightful tax advice, please contact us at 440-449-6800 for a risk-free analysis of your prior year’s return. We’ll implement our proven methods which have resulted in immediate tax refunds for many of our new clients.

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