“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”
– Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

In today’s competitive and evolving marketplace, CPA and professional service firms need more than just great products and services. Compelling brands make the difference.

A brand should tell you a lot about a firm. So think about your firm’s brand…beyond processes, people and services, what’s the “promise”—what are clients really getting from you? Does a single word or phrase sum it all up, defining your firm in the minds of clients and prospects and creating strong – even emotional – connections?

It should…and it can.

Chances are, your brand is lurking, waiting to be discovered. At Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing, we can help you unlock your brand, harness its immense power and deploy it in ways that drive engagement, preference and ultimately, revenue. We are B2B experts – we help CPA and professional service firms invest in and grow strong brands that build trust with clients and prospects – and keep them coming back for more.

CPA and Professional Service Firm Branding Services:

  • Brand Assessment and Audit
  • Brand Positioning and Differentiation
  • Brand Identity Guidelines/Manuals
  • Logo Design and Logo Modernization
  • Firm/Product Naming
  • Competitive Brand Analysis
  • Advertising (digital and traditional)
  • Creative Services (logo, collateral, direct mail, etc.)
  • Trade Show Marketing

Brand Strategy Approach and Process

Our approach and process is rooted in primary and secondary research and analysis. We leverage our extensive experience in your industry, along with the clients and prospects in your market space. The ultimate deliverable is an ideal positioning strategy that you and every individual in your organization can own, sell and defend every day.

Elements include:

  • Marketing communication audit and analysis of all current communications tools
  • Qualitative organization-wide interviews
  • Qualitative external interviews
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand positioning platform and architecture development
  • Corporate brand style guidelines
  • Internal/external brand deployment recommendation
  • Ongoing creative development and tactical execution of brand communications

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It’s Time to Put Your Brand to Work

A powerful, resilient brand can elevate a firm’s competitive advantages above your competitors and deliver enormous ROI for years.

Want to learn more about our CPA and Professional Services firm branding strategies and brainstorm ideas for your branding challenge? Reach out to Jonathan Ebenstein and discuss it over lunch. Jonathan is passionate about CPA and Professional Services firm brand building—he truly loves this stuff. And, he’ll buy...


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