"No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t."
– James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

The notion of sitting by the phone aggressively waiting for it to ring is no longer a viable new business development strategy.

To compete, your firm will need to establish and nurture a completely new business development culture—one based on relationships that will establish your firm as self-perpetuating and a true leader in its market space.

In this new culture, everyone must be empowered to promote the firm, grow it and flourish together. The firms that fail to do this will be acquired. The firms that do it successfully will do the acquiring.

Not sure it’s a real issue for your firm? Think for a moment…when your rainmaking partners retire, how many of your next generation of professional staff are equipped to act in ways that promote growth and prosperity? Do they have the expertise, interest and passion to generate enough new business to feed the firm? Can your firm survive if they don’t?

With everything you have on your plate, it can be difficult to find the time to devote to new business development and nurturing current relationships. That’s why the Strategic Marketing Group developed “The Business Relationship Master Class” for professional service providers.

The purpose of the full-day workshop is to help you and your colleagues build extraordinary relationships by applying 20 relationship-building strategies that will help you win new business.

When applied, these strategies will help you:

  • Build extraordinary relationships with C-suite executives and business owners
  • Expand the perception of your capabilities
  • Build relationships – even with “difficult” individuals who make us uncomfortable
  • Develop stronger personal relationships with clients, prospects and business contacts
  • Secure more meetings with prospective clients
  • Move from casual conversations to closing business
  • Know what to do when the sales process is stuck
  • Develop both traditional and social media network


“We found Skoda Minotti's Business Relationship Master Class Workshop to be an excellent use of our partners’ time at our recent firm retreat. The seamless use of videos, personal stories and group exercises taught and reminded us of strategic and tactical approaches to relationship building that will drive and support our business development efforts.  The instructor, Jonathan Ebenstein, is well versed in business development of a CPA practice, as he teaches that within Skoda Minotti and is a partner in the firm."

– Thomas Hollerback, President & CEO at Yeo & Yeo, CPA & Business Consulting Firm

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