Case Study: Anonymous Client


Executives of a professional services firm approached us because the firm was growing and needed to add staff to keep pace with client demands. They weren’t sure how to best structure their departments, or how many new hires would be needed to fill the vacancies, but they figured they would need at least two new positions. They assumed theirs was a unique scenario given the type of skill sets that were required. They weren’t sure how to proceed.


We reviewed the job requirements that they felt needed to be filled, and we assured them that other companies faced similar situations. They didn’t need to worry about gathering months’ worth of applicants or finding candidates with niche backgrounds; that was our specialty.

Our team was able to consolidate their feedback and construct the position, job description and compensation structure for a new role – one person versus the cost of two new hires. We found ideal candidates that had multiple competencies based the job description that was developed.


Once the new position was filled, the client saved a significant amount of time and money that would otherwise have been spent recruiting and filling multiple roles. Additionally, we constructed this as a more senior-level role since we were combining at least two positions. This freed up the owner to be more hands-off and focus instead on growing the business.

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