Delivering on the Promise of objective valuation services in contentious litigated matters.

If two parties are arguing over an estimated value, we are often able to help. When litigated matters involve a financial component, our Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group is sought and retained by attorneys and clients to develop defensible valuation and damages analyses. Whether serving as a testifying expert or as a consulting expert, we have significant experience in creating reliable financial and valuation models to support the case for the recovery of the proper amount of damages.

Shareholder Disputes

All too often, business partners encounter issues that put them at odds with each other regarding their investment. Our Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group professionals are able to identify the relevant valuation issues involved and prepare timely, credible analyses related to the value of a particular ownership interest.

Post-Transaction Disputes

Business acquisitions typically involve detailed purchase agreements and other legal documents. It is not uncommon for one of the parties involved in the purchase/sale of a business to file a complaint against the other party alleging that certain terms of the purchase agreement were not followed. Our Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group has worked with both buyers and sellers in these situations to determine the amount of damages incurred, if any, as a result of an alleged breach of the terms of a purchase agreement.

Divorce and Domestic Relations

In domestic relations matters, we have been engaged as an expert by monied spouses, non-monied spouses, jointly by both parties, and by various courts. Our analyses have been accepted and relied upon numerous times by courts and mediators in reaching their decisions. Our Valuation and Litigation Advisory Services Group is able to assist with financial and valuation aspects that must be addressed by divorcing spouses and their attorneys.

Damages Modeling and Computations

The determination of financial damages may be the most important issue in a case, and therefore, damage computations are often heavily scrutinized. Computing or contesting damages often requires an estimate of a party’s financial loss as a result of the actions of another. For example, lost profits or other economic losses may be a significant element of damages in financial disputes and lawsuits involving breach of contract, business interruption, intellectual property infringement, commercial transactions or wrongful termination.

By using historical financial data and applying our hands-on experience with business and personal financial consulting, our professionals can produce comprehensive financial damage models that we explain and defend throughout depositions and testimony.

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