Skoda Minotti Delivers on the Promise of helping creditors and trustees prepare and analyze financial information before, during and after bankruptcy proceeding

We provide the following services for creditors or trustees:

  • Analyze financial statements provided initially by the debtor to assist in the determination of the viability of the debtor
  • Investigate the causes of the failure and the development of controls to limit further impairment of assets
  • Analyze the debtor’s plan of reorganization for feasibility
  • Assist creditors in formulating their own plan of reorganization
  • Analyze the financial information in debtor files with the court
  • Assist the creditors in analyzing whether the plan satisfies the best interest of creditors test
  • Determine how much the creditors would receive in Chapter 7 liquidation
  • Evaluate the financial information contained in the disclosure statement
  • Review professional fee applications

Investigate the debtor’s books and records to determine if any of the following had occurred:

  • Improper insider transactions
  • Fraudulent transfers of assets prior to or during bankruptcy
  • Accuracy and reliability of previously issued financial statements
  • Status of collateral assets (e.g., accounts receivables and inventory)
  • Determination if assets are understated and liabilities overstated as reflected on post-petition financial statements
  • Misappropriation of cash and other assets

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