Fraud Prevention Measures

This e-book addresses several fraud prevention measures that businesses and organizations can take to minimize the risk of being a fraud victim.

Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business - Part 2

This e-book will help you build a better understanding of the following concepts that you should consider when buying or selling a business.

Valuation Considerations When Buying or Selling a Business

A comprehensive guide to help you understand valuation concepts to consider in merger and acquisition transactions

How a Company is Valued: An Overview of Valuation Methods and Their Application

A guide to the methodologies and components of the valuation of privately held companies

Tax Season: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Income Tax Fraud

Helpful tips to assist you in preventing identity theft during income tax season.

Valuation and Financial Considerations in Divorce: Common Issues and Concepts

A helpful guide to financial issues often addressed in divorce proceedings

Considering a Valuation

The e-book walks you through the fundamental components of business valuations.

Financial Reporting Valuations

Learn how intangible assets are valued and how to account for them to ensure that the accounting for a new acquisition goes smoothly and will pass your auditor’s review.

Fraud Prevention

An insightful guide to how you can protect your company from corporate fraud.

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